What is API Heaven?

API Heaven is a collection of highly optimized APIs any developer can use for their projects.

What does it cost

1$ = 100 Tokens

  • Most APIs use one Token per request
  • If a result was cached or took less than 1ms to compute, your bought quota won't be reduced
  • When a request returns "status:err" your quota won't be reduced
  • By random chance 25% of requests are free

You have 10 Tokens free per IP per day!


New API every other month

  • We will add a new API every other month at no extra cost
  • On a month without a new API, all (paying) customers will receive 100 free API calls
  • We'll improve existing APIs so they get faster and therefore cheaper for you
  • Extensive documentation with example projects for all APIs (soon)

Get notified about new APIs

One key to rule them all

One Key for all APIs

  • Get a key - no signup required
  • The key can be (re-)charged at any time
  • Add the key to every request via GET or POST
  • Charge the key with Bitcoin or Ethereum by simply transferring to your assigned account
  • API history viewable on the Dashboard

Easy to use

https://apiheaven.com/ <API>/?parameter=<value>&key=<your API key>

Pro tip: All parameters can be supplied via GET or POST

APIs (14)

1 token/call


Generate addresses, check balances, control payments


genpairNumber of address pairs to create
balancethe Bitcoin address you want to check the balance of
1 token/call

Value conversion

Converts various data types like temperature, bytes, etc..


URL /byte/Converts Bytes Value to human readable number. Can handle up to Yottabyte values
payloadValue in Byte
decimalValues are by default calculated in binary (base 1024) but if you want it in decimal (base 1000), set decimal to "true". Read more... Default: false
URL /age/Converts birth date to age
payloadDate in the format: DD.MM.YYYY
1 token/call

Domain info

Analyze a domain and get WHOIS and webfilter-relevant information. Our webfilter-relevant domain database has over a million entries and queries extremely fast. Automatically detects infinite levels of subdomains as blocked if the parent is also blocked


domainThe domain or subdomain you want to check
1 token/call

Email info & validation

Analyzes email address and checks for disposable mail, fake server and if the email was ever compromised in a data breach


payloadEmail address
checkmxIf set to "true", MX records of the domain will be checked to make sure there is a mailserver running. default: false
checkbreachIf set to "true", email will get cross checked with large breaches on the web. If enabled, will take up to 10 seconds to load. default: false
1 token/call


Generate addresses, check balances, control payments


genpairNumber of address pairs to create
balanceThe Ethereum address you want to check the balance of
rpc_serverIf set, will use this rpc server for queries. Format: ip:port By default uses our own Parity cluster
10 tokens/second

Gif to MP4

Converts gif animations to MP4 videos with cutting functionality


payloadURL of gif
startStart second
durationDuration in seconds (if you want to cut the video)
scalePercentage scale of Video. 100 is default, 50 is half
serveIf "true", serve generated MP4 for linking or download instead of printing JSON
previewGet preview image from Video. Value is the second the frame is taken from: default: 1
5 tokens/second


Convert JPEG and PNG images to small JPEGs. This Algorithm was created by Google and can small down large images up to 30%


payloadThe URL to an image or the image data via POST
1 token/call

Image manipulation

Can resize, add filters, remove exif data, add watermarks and fetch remote images


payloadURL of original image
rotateRotates the image. Valid values: left,right,upside
resizeNew size of image in the format: <width>x<height> eg: 800x600. Note that this will keep original ratio. Since this is not CSI:Miami, if you choose a size larger than the original image it will get pixelated
forcesizeIf set to 'true', will crop the image until the desired size is reached. The won't get distorted but gets cut from the edges. Default: false
serveIf set to 'true', will render the result directly instead of returning JSON
filterscomma separated list of filters. Available filters:
1 token/call

Lang. detection & Analysis

Detects the language of a text, file or website using deep learning algorithms and analyzes the complexity of the sentences (german, english only for now)


payloadCan be raw Text or URL to file or to a website
readabilityIf set to "false", will only detect language. default: true
langdetectIf set to "false", will only detect language. default: true
1 token/call

MAC Address to Vendor

Analyzes the MAC address of a device and returns the vendor name


payloadThe physical address (mac address) you want to get the vendor of. Format can be "-" separated, ":" separated or not separated at all. Also works with parts of the mac address
1 token/call

NSFW detector

Detects nudity in images and returns the probability of nudity in percent


payloadThe URL to the image you want to analyze
1 token/call

Proxy Checker

Analyzes a proxy server for security related problems


payloadProxy server in the format "ip:port"
typeProxy type. Valid options: http, socks, socks4, socks5. Default: http
1 token/call

True random

This API uses atmospheric noise collected by multiple distributed DVB-T receivers for high quality entropy random numbers


URL /words/Prints random words from a dictionary
countCount of words
langLanguage of wordlist. Currently supported: en, de. Default: en
URL /strings/Prints entropy rich random hex strings
countCount of strings
lengthLength in bits. default: 32
URL /color/Generates random colors in hex
countCount of colors
5 tokens/call

Website to Pic/PDF

Creates a screenshot of a website and saves it to an image or PDF document


payloadURL of website
timeoutTimeout in seconds. Default: 30
formatFile format. png/jpg/pdf. Default: png
pagewidthWidth of rendered page. Default: 1024
pageheightHeight of rendered page. Default: auto
disablejsif set to true, doesn't execute js on page. Default: false
httpuserHTTP username if page needs authentication
httppassHTTP password
jsincludeURL of external JS file which will be executed on the page
serveIf "true", serve generated image/document for embedding or download instead of printing JSON
maxageMaximum age in seconds. If cached image is older, re-render